Architectural Modelling

Architectural modelling in BIM services is a 3D representation of a proposed building project. It aims at providing the full interior and exterior view of a building in 3D form. Architectural models are used for the project visualisation between the architect and client. It helps in understanding the project, proposal of a project and fundraising.

KbimTeck has experts in architectural modelling, who provide excellent outputs to the proposed project. We are providing standard service at competitive prices.

Structural Modelling

Structural modelling in the BIM service is one of the main phases in structural services. It is used for determining data points and analysing designs for structural projects. It provides detailed analysis and information of the structures and improves the accuracy of the model of the building.

Structural modelling is a 3D representation used to visualise each corner of the building. It is mainly used to reduce the cost and ease the work of designing a building structure. Structural BIM modelling reduces errors which uses software to create a model, then providing clear and high quality outputs. It is also used to create an innovative and unique perspective.

We at KbimTeck, provide structural BIM modelling service with high quality and in a prompt manner. We have experts to give the best and unique designs for your building structures.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis in BIM services is a primary tool in analysing the safety and stability of the structure of a building with respect to external forces. The factors involved in structural analysis are Magnitude, Direction and position of the force affecting the building.

Professionals at KbimTeck give a detailed analysis of the structure, which results in a safe and stable structure of the building. Our team gives a reliable output and saves both your money and time.



The main aim of HVAC is to provide a full ventilated and air conditioning to the building with proper guidelines and data analysis. The MEP service is to analyse how the mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections should be used in a building for a safe and comfortable lifestyle inside the building.

Our experts at KbimTeck, consider the HVAC and MEP while designing a building for a cosy and secured environment. We know HVAC and MEP are interconnected and how important these two are in the construction of a building. We are customer focused and always provide reliable outputs.

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Clash Detection

Clash detection is a technique of finding if, where or how two parts of the building interact with each other. For example, clashes between walls and plumbing, electrical and plumbing etc. Clash detection helps in preventing remodelling, reduces cost and time, provides standard building, secured building operation etc.

A perfect clash detection is performed by experts using high end softwares in BIM service that results in error free building. Our professionals ensure the safety and performance of the building using clash detection.


Maintenance Access Model

Maintenance access model plays an important role in construction as it provides detailed analysis of the service life of a building. It increases the life of a building by finding the damages and failure of a building structure. It represents the safety of the occupants and reliability of the building.

KbimTeck always trusts in customer satisfaction and providing consistent quality of service. We offer excellent service in maintenance to the constructors which are at international industrial standards.


Quantity Take-Off

Quantity take-off helps in improving the quality of BIM service models and designs. It provides accurate measurements of materials and labour needed for a construction. It is a pre-construction phase done by an estimator which helps the project to be more manageable and cost-effective.

Our experts at KbimTeck provide accurate estimation according to the budget and also keep the standards of requirement of the building.