Auto CAD services

Autocad is commercial computer-aided design software used in the industry for drafting, designing, and planning in the construction field. It replaces manual drafting techniques and provides precise and efficient designs. Autocad experts at KbimTeck provide accurate outputs with their experience and expertise. They have worked on various projects in the commercial, residential, and healthcare sectors.


Architectural Drafting

Architectural drafting contains all the essential and tiny details of the building. It acts as complete guidance for the constructors while constructing a building. In Autocad service, many software is available to get precise, flexible, and standard architectural drawings. We use highly reliable software to produce architectural drawings and deliver them on time. We have made a number of architectural drafts for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

Structural Drafting

Structural drafting is a 2D drawing that represents the structure and load-bearing capacity of a building. It gives a detailed analysis of a structure with the proper size and type of materials to be used. KbimTeck has worked on various structural general arrangement drawings for commercial, residential, hospital, and industrial buildings etc across the world. Our experts follow proper Autocad standards to provide precise structural layouts.

Rebar Detailing

At KbimTeck we use AutoCad, CADS RC, and Rebar cad software, to make rebar placing/shop placing before the concreting of the building. In Rebar detailing, it gives accurate details of bar placing, size, number, and position which is used by constructors during construction. Rebar detailing is very important in a building as it provides accurate details of the reinforcement of bars which is necessary before concreting. It saves energy and time by reducing errors

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Fabrication Drawing

Fabrication drawing is used in identifying and listing all the materials used in constructing a building. This is used to provide the necessary information to a contractor about the manufacture, assembly, and installation of all the components of a building. KbimTeck experts provide a detailed fabrication drawing with consistent quality. A proper fabrication drawing reduces cost and time during the construction process.

Shop Drawing

Shop drawings provide a detailed and accurate design of a building component. It is very important to analyze whether all the components are precisely fabricated before installation as per the industry standards.

We provide shop drawings with high standards using reliable software. We worked on various construction projects providing accurate shop drawings