About KbimTeck

KbimTeck is a fastly growing engineering services company providing drafting, drawing, modelling and structural analysis across the world. We started our firm in 2019 and are emerging as a global competitor in the international construction services field. We have an expert team who have in-depth knowledge in analysing, drafting, modelling and drawing constructional structures.

We provide the projects with accurate details and on time that gives us the number of returning clients every time. KbimTeck is a prominent company that faces a lot of challenging work and has done multi-discipline software work in various fields.

Quality. Integrity. Loyalty

About CEO

Meet our CEO Mrs. Jayachithra. She did her Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Anna University. Her hard work and passion made her drive toward business. After 3 years of hard work as a chief executive officer, her experience leads to an increase in small and medium businesses. She has experience +14 years in civil engineering services. With her expertise and hard work she has worked on many projects successfully and started her own firm KbimTeck in 2019.

She outsources structural modelling and other civil engineering needs. With her quality of work, she has gained a number of clients at the international level. She is a wonderful leader and is leading a team of experts in drafting, modelling and estimating. She is responsible for structural modelling, price listing, quality checking and managing overall projects.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

Key Skills